20 March 2011

Please Help

Hi, I thought I'd ask bloggers if they know of a place that I can get pipberries online at a reasonable price? I have tried 2 places (online) and have been very disappointed. I have no stores around that carry them. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


  1. I bought some off of ebay from design a wreath by simply country (ebay store name)- they were reasonably priced & arrived really fast & were good quality. They also have a website designawreath.com. Hope you find some soon!

  2. Tam,
    You can go online at Factory Direct Crafts and order pip berries and other sorts of prim things.
    Hope this helps.
    Country at heart

  3. Hi...thanks for visiting my blog and entering to win Ladybug Annie. Pip berries...the quality has been well below average for the past 2 years. The ones I used last year I ordered from www.kpcreek.com There was so much of the white thread used just below the berry. I ended up painting all the white strings. I am also looking for a new source. Also, 6ft size...I cannot find any more...just 4 ft...@ the same price as 6 ft.