12 March 2011

Pay It Foward

The first 5 people that comment on this post will receive something handmade from Me. But first you have to write a blog post explaining Pay it Forward 2011. Then you will send out a handmade gift to the first five visitors who leave a comment on your blog post. Your handmade gifties don't all have to be in the mail tomorrow, so take your time in creating your heartfelt treasures. This is a great way to meet new friends and share a little bit of yourself with them.
These will be small gifts and will take me a few days to get them started, but I will send the first five to comment a handmade item. Only please do let me know in your comment that you have made a blog post about this and you too will send out your handmade gifts to the first five that sign up

Pass it Around *Pay it Forward* and Give some Handmade gifts of love. I believe I first saw this post on the Rusty Thimble Blog


  1. Tam I think you saw this and signed up from my blog if you will add that in your post you are so far the only one who did it right, this comment is not to get a gift from you, pay it forward is to get one and give 5. so if you will say you saw it on my blog and send me your address I will send you a gift, thank you for Payng it Forward

  2. Hi There!! Thanks for posting on my blog. You blog is wonderful too! I love this pay it forward!!

  3. i just found your blog, and i am loving it. hope i am a winner