12 March 2011

Pay it foward update

Hi everyone I believe there has been some confusion on how many times you can enter. It has been brought to my attention you are only suppose to enter 1 time but give 5 times. I did not know this and nowhere did it say to begin with so if you entered more then one pay it foward I don't know what will happen, in fairness nothing was originally said so I'm posting this. Please even if you have entered others go ahead and enter mine if you wish.


  1. I too did not see in the rules where you can only sign up with one blog. What a hoot. I don't think I will even participate in this.If you received this news from the same person who has been blogging for some while and signs up for every giveaway out there but didn't find out as soon as they usually do then what does that tell you?
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