02 April 2013

My rant of the day

Why are people posting recipes and crafts on facebook?  Crafts I can kinda understand so people will perhaps buy them.  Recipes should be kept on blogging sites or Pinterest does anyone else agree?
I try to check in and see how my friends are doing and get overloaded with recipes post if I want a recipe I'll go to pinterest not FACEBOOK!


  1. I agree, there is far too much stuff posted on Facebook.
    My other rant, is all the requests to play games, if I want to play games I will go on a gaming site. SHEESH!!

  2. It was a pain but at least you could blog the game sites from showing up by going to everyones page and selecting hide game request but you had to do it to everyone,

  3. I like seeing variety on Facebook--not just endless text statuses. I have gotten some great recipes from FB posts, and laughs from jokes and funny images etc. I post a wide variety of things myself, and almost everyone I follow does too. You have to remember that not everyone uses Pinterest, and not everyone reads blogs either.