21 April 2013

Help deleting blogs I know longer follow

When I researched this it tells me to go the blog I follow go to options (which I can't find) then site settings view bog , If it doesnt have a follow widget it tells me to go to my reading list and click the gear widget what do I do from there there is no unfollow choice someone HELP PLEASE


  1. The first way you mentioned means to use the google friend connect widget to unsub from the blog. But that way is a little confusing.

    The 2nd way you mentioned is the easier way. The gear you click on then lists all the blogs you follow right? On the right side of the blog name, click on the Settings link and a box should pop open. On the right side is a link that says "Stop following this site". Click it. Another smaller box will pop open, click on the "Stop Following" button. Those two boxes should then disappear. And then the page with all the listed blogs should refresh. If it doesn't, refresh it anyway. You should then see that the blog is now gone.

    Let me know by email if you need more help.

  2. I created an image that shows you the steps once you're in your Reading List. Hopefully this link shows up here and it works for you. http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t162/PrimTina/StopFollowing_zps10274d21.jpg