27 February 2011

Upcoming show items

Not sure how to fix the photos but I willl have dough ornies (see older post) ,tarts, aroma ornies, mason jar dispencers, cube melts, scent your own wooden roses (just spray them) they look real and dont die, rustic signs( 3 designs) , and Candy BouquetsThe show will be at PI High School March 5th  9-4

20 February 2011

Muslin bags

Hi Grunged up muslin bags, with iron on primitive images stuffed with potpourri......That's all there is to it.
Coming soon Mason Jars soap dispenser.........

15 February 2011

13 February 2011

Weekend Projects

Smelly jelly is finally completed, this works great for "arm length strength" on the Pc stand or lavender on night stand. Also good in the cars cup holder, If you want the whole room to smell place on candle warmer the smell is amazing and last a long time.  If placed on warmer when it starts to dry out add distilled water(tapp H20 will cause mold).
Lip Balm label is completed and happier with it then the other one I had. These 2 products will be in stores next weekend..  I only wish I wasnt stuck with the Valentine candy bouquets, I sold alot but I guess I over estimated how many more they would need.  Maybe they'll have alot of last minute shoppers tomorrow.

06 February 2011

Weekend Projects

This weekend was use what you have weekend, So I created prim signs out of leftover border and boards. I added rustic stars, homespun, and twine that's it. Simple like me  The new store sold the 4 they had so I'm sure these will sell out also.........

Next I had these heart frames with faded ducks (ha) in them and was going to throw out, but I'm all about reusing so I tore them apart and created prim decor.  I can't seem to keep anything prim instock so pulled a couple images off the pc printed on cardstock added my favorite rustic stars and homespun. Pretty and Prim!
 I made all-natural lip balm this weekend in Peechy Keen flavor.  I think it came out great but need to have Logan OK it before I can carry it. I would post the picture but hate the lasbel so I need do redesign it...... Also gonna try Wildberry burst.

03 February 2011

Thanks Tattered Sisters Primitive

Hi, just wanted to take a minute to thank Tina of tattered sisters primitives for getting my calendar image on my blog.  She's been a wonderful help and a great inspiration for me. Thanks Tina for all your patience.