06 February 2011

Weekend Projects

This weekend was use what you have weekend, So I created prim signs out of leftover border and boards. I added rustic stars, homespun, and twine that's it. Simple like me  The new store sold the 4 they had so I'm sure these will sell out also.........

Next I had these heart frames with faded ducks (ha) in them and was going to throw out, but I'm all about reusing so I tore them apart and created prim decor.  I can't seem to keep anything prim instock so pulled a couple images off the pc printed on cardstock added my favorite rustic stars and homespun. Pretty and Prim!
 I made all-natural lip balm this weekend in Peechy Keen flavor.  I think it came out great but need to have Logan OK it before I can carry it. I would post the picture but hate the lasbel so I need do redesign it...... Also gonna try Wildberry burst.

1 comment:

  1. Those are really cute. I especially love that sign. Is it out of wallpaper border?